Happy Christmas: Paz na Terra

Conversation in a Bar in the Caribe last November:
Me: sporting a T-shirt with the Lennon/Ono slogan "War is Over, If You want it"
Irish Couple: So which war is over?
Me: This was originally a Lennon/Ono slogan against Vietnam, but I think it applies to any war a democratic country wages.
Irish Couple: We are very catholic, we don't believe in all that peace and love thing.

Conversation in the parking lot at St. Charles in Bloomington
Me: getting out of my Prius with the kids on the side that has a sticker that says "Support Faith-based Missile Defense Systems".
Man: Now why are you mocking people's faith, especially here by the Church?
Me: Well, I actually mean it in a very Catholic, albeit agnostic, kind of way...
Man: How come?
Me: In the sense that Catholics believe in Free Will and don't believe that God really intervenes in our affairs. In the sense that Peace and War are the responsability of humans, not God.
Man: That's messed up.


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