Bias of sophistication

Being Portuguese, southern European, and culturally Catholic teaches you to deal with bias. From the left as from the right; from North, East, West and even from the South. Take this little gem from Frank Bruni in the NYTimes.com. Why is Portugal (and Spain and Argentina) much less expected to approve gay marriage than Holland and Belgium, or any "Scandinavian-style bastion of social progressivism"? This sort of thinking is nothing more than bigotry, probably an unquestioned vestige of the age-old anti-catholic bigotry pervasive in protestant-dominated cultures. None of these "second-class" countries needs to show a "badge of sophistication" to any others. All countries are progressive in some causes and conservative in others. Portugal was the first country in the World to abolish the death penalty in the 19th century, for instance. And all those bastions of progressivism? Everyone has skeletons. Hey, apartheid is a dutch word. Tropicalia is a Portuguese word. The US just killed Troy Davis. So go give yourself a "badge of sophistication".



It was a lot of Fun DJing last Friday night at the Farm RootCellar. I prepared a rough subset, a backbone, of the mix I played. The mix is available to download in high quality (Username: apollo, Password: feelingfree).

01 - LV - don't judge (Feat. Errol Bellot)
02 - Nina Hagen - African Reggae
03- Sly & Robbie - Billie Jean
04 -The dynamics - music
05 - Minos Pour Main Basse (Sur La Ville) - le patron est devenu fou
06 - Louie Austen - disco dancer
07 - fuckpony - it's only music
08 - Goldfrapp - ride a white horse (ewan pearson disco odyssey parts 1 and 2)
09 - Lindstrøm - another station (todd terje remix). Mixed with Freestyle - don't stop the rock
10 - Spank Rock - energy (disko version). Mixed with Spank Rock - energy (jan driver remix)
11 - Locussolus - i want it (lindstrom & prins thomas remix)
12 -Lindstrøm - De Javu
13 - Pigbag - papa's got a brand new pigbag (12' remix)
14 - Buraka Som Sistema - hangover (bababa)
15 - sneaky sound system -hip hop hooray (poxymusic handstand remix)
16 - Chromeo - hot mess (feat. elly jackson) (duck sauce remix)
17 - MSTRKRFT - work on you
18 - Billie Ray Martin - sweet suburban disco (severino dub mix)
19 - 7 Samurai - brothers
20 - Midnight Magic - beam me up (jacques renault remix)
21 - Michael Jackson - get on the floor (holy ghost edit)
22 - Claudja Berry - sweet dynamite (todd terje edit)
23 - Erodiscotique - I Love New York
24 - Kasper Bjørke - Nico

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