Manuel Alegre: A direita irá “mutilar” a democracia - Política - PUBLICO.PT

Em Portugal é na esquerda que encontramos o apelo à irracionalidade emocional da população: Manuel Alegre: A direita irá “mutilar” a democracia - Política - PUBLICO.PT. Nos Estados Unidos é à direita: "Blowing Smoke"



Take Action

I agree with Yoko Ono. It is indeed time to take action. In particular, I think we need to take action for sanity and against guns. I am always surprised at how much people have been desensitized to the vision of a weapon. We should peacefully demonstrate our desire to not cohabit with guns. One obvious way to demonstrate this would be to take all our clothes off in the presence of people with unconcealed weapons (e.g. in Arizona). After all, isn't it insane that people are much more shocked by nakedness than guns? A penis and a vagina cannot cause the type of horror that went on in the Giffords massacre, including the slaying of a 9-year old.

I think we should show the insanity of this reality, indeed that the emperor has no clothes, by peacefully demonstrating with our bodies in the presence of guns.

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