Obama's Loss Traced to Luis Rocha

This is really funny, thanks Fil!



Creative Urban America

I first created this blog because I was frustrated with how little respect urban culture was getting in the US. The real America was always assumed to be the small town with traditional values, but we all know from quite sometime that it is in urban settings that creativity excels---ultimately producing the riches that propel the country. Most rural states receive much more federal money than they contribute.

In the last few years, these facts have been shown scientifically in a number of settings, such as the "pace of life in cities", a brilliant paper by my friend Luis Bettencourt last year. It is great to finally see urban America recognized as mainstream America, and possibly its only hope for the future---as in today's piece by TIMOTHY EGAN in the NYTimes.com. Hey City Zen!

"Urban Planet" from Elica's Online Museum

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Wassup Zen?

The Zen does not fully endorse Obama because he pandered big time on the Death Penalty issue, but I am sure looking forward to the change!

Shout out to Manuel and Fio---thanks Fil for the Vid.




Parabéns ao meu amigo Tessaleno por mais um livro. A ideia é muito interessante; gostaria muito de estar em Lisboa no próximo dia 24, para o seu lançamento na livraria Ferin, no Chiado às 19 horas. Centro Atlântico - Lançamento do Livro: 1509 - A Batalha que Mudou o Domínio do Comércio Global

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Krugman wins Nobel for economics

I am really happy for this award! Truly deserved. The "He Told You So" dude strikes big!

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On the shoulders of midgets we built up this machine

I don't love Dawkins, but I do love this! Thanks Olmy!

Yeah he's the Dick to the Dawk to the PhD,
he's smarter than you he's got a science degree!
Yeah he's the Dick to the Dawk to the PhD,
he's smarter than you he's got a science degree

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Politicamente diferente nos dois continentes

Bob Herbert explica porque sou de esquerda nos EUA e Roger Cohen explica porque sou de direita na Europa. Não sou eu que sou esquizofrénico, os Republicanos são mesmo ou gangsters ou nitwits, e os "progues", como diz o meu amigo Olmy, são mesmo insuportavelmente relativistas---com a sua mania de acharem que totalitaristas e populistas de meia-tigela são melhores que os amaricanos democráticos.

Qual o espectaculo mais deprimente?

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