Love Not Walls

The last Riot Bootique in Bloomington was great fun even with the first winter storm of the year in the middle of the government shutdown. Here is my first set which set the tone of Jamming to Love and open doors:Love Not Walls. I was playing live for the first time with my new equipment... DJ Angst and E-Trash, will return to our cybernetic DJing next month. Tracklist below. Podcast for Love Not Walls is also available on E-Trash's site (Username: apollo, Password: feelingfree).

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Straight Lines Não é novidade

Very nice article, if from a very Indian perspectivem of the malign incompetence of the British ruling class. Indeed, the Anglo-American approach to these things is quite visible at a macro level in World maps. Look at the straight lines of the maps of North America, Australia and Africa (where the country lines were imposed by British and Northern European decree). A comparison with the map of South America reveals, against conventional wisdom, where disregard for and abuse of the native peoples was most enforced. The straight lines demonstrate the damage of a self-regarded anglo-supremacist elite. Thank God for the humor and music though :)

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