Prolonged Gratification Award: 10,000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus e Marte

Have not posted one of these in a while. I have not tired of this 1970's progressive rock album by José Cid, pretty much all my life---since my brother introduced me to it in 1978. The album is considered among the top five progressive rock albums of 1978 worldwide, and considered Essential: a masterpiece of progressive rock music by specialists in the genre. I have never been a fan of progressive rock, especially since in 1978 Punk and Disco were much more exciting, but this record is a dream for anyone into vintage keyboards and synths and I never tire of it. You can hear the whole thing on youtube, shown below.

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The last half hour

I have been enjoying a great deal the Riot Bootique DJ night we put together every month, but I have to say that the last half hour before the club closes can be weird as hell. The video below cracked me up because there is some truth to it, though I mostly get crazy ladies screaming for their song.


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