The last Bootique was our last riot before our European hiatus. It was a wonderful Party full of love with people who came to celebrate with us the last few years of the Riot, as well as people who came for the first time. I wanted to celebrate Prince and deliver a Party, and that's what we got. PartyUp is essentially my first set, (second of the night after DJ Angst), which ends with Prince's 1999. But since the Bootique kept the Riot up beyond closing time with amazing people, I also added the last few tracks of the night that I played at 3AM. DJ Angst and E-Trash, will return to our cybernetic DJing somewhere in Europe during the next year, and back in Bloomington sometime in 2017. Tracklist below, podcast for PartyUp on E-Trash's site (Username: apollo, Password: feelingfree).

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