23 years to charge and a final fine of 50K$ for passing nuclear secrets to a foreign nation. "Why it took the government 23 years to charge Mr Kadish is shrouded in mystery [...]It is clear the (US) government could have charged Mr Kadish with far more serious crimes." says US District Judge William Pauley said during sentencing in Manhattan federal court.

All I have to say is: does anyone remember the Wen-Ho Lee case at Los Alamos? What a double-standard...

Full story @ BBC NEWS | Americas | US man fined in Israeli spy case



Late night soundtrack (Updated May 24, 2009)

Another late night working, a few new tracks. The mood is to be filed somewhere, somehow, under the theme of Love likes Disco, Glitches and all. Tiga and Peaches on high rotation.

Much to write here, but very little time with the impending move to Lisbon for the whole year! Will try again later.


latest tracks on my player week by week.

NOTE: If some of the tracks play only 30 seconds, log on to IMEEM and link to this list. All tracks are there in full.


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