The Zen of Techno

I finally got a hold of Carl Craig's Sessions double CD out now. He is techno God as far as I am concerned. I would move to Detroit just to be closer to his aura---except that I am much more likely to catch him in Barcelona or Lisbon than in the US. This compilation collects twenty years of his productions, and while very little is brand new in it, I am still bouncing off the walls, trying to forget that in Ohio 66% of white democrats voted for Hillary. How can this same Midwest produce both Carl Craig and Hillary? Detroit and Cincinnati?

Anyway, I am writing a grant today, and fast blogging aside, grant writing never felt this good, when you have Carl Craig bursting down the house. I always thought that techno was better for transcendental meditation than Yoga-like relaxing.

Pitchfork has a stream of Junior Boys: Like a Child (Carl Craig Remix) from this compilation

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