Pop Lift

I went for a Pop Lift for the first set at the last Riot Bootique. Taking things to where melody, groove and vocals meet to lift our spirits up---not forgetting a good bang at the end. Since this was the first set of a night that started slow, it starts mellow but it delivered the dance floor. Played 2 or 3 more tracks after this, but they were all included in the last On Fire set. DJ Angst and E-Trash, will return to our cybernetic DJing next month. Tracklist below, podcast Pop Lift on E-Trash's site (Username: apollo, Password: feelingfree).

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Mathematical Naturalism of Zaha Hadid

I was so busy yesterday that I had no time to react to the unexpected death of Zaha Hadid, my favorite architect of the last couple of decades. I often rant about the oppression of simplicity in the ubiquitous IKEA/APPLE design that surrounds us. Hadid was by comparison almost romantic. She invented a XXI century version of Art Deco, by embracing technology to explore a fluid mathematical naturalism. Indeed, I think of Hadid as a complex systems architect, with her exploration of the mathematical commonalities, the general laws, of natural forms. In her lines we see microscopic water in motion and galaxy gravitational motion alike. She left us far too early with much yet to be done. But by refusing to give us invisible objects, the srong personality behind her work teaches us to look at the world with architect's eyes, and we can never thank her enough for that.

Zaha hadid from Deepak Raj

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