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So now I see I was way too politically correct on my Noble Savage post. Since all of my relationships in the past 12 years have been with New Yorkers, and I have been married to one for 5, I feel a real connection to the attitude! Here's how they really feel about the South, Morals, Taxes and the last US election: Fuck the South!

Muito obrigado ao Touch of Evil pelo link!

P.S. Já em 96, quando da tourné dos states com os meus primos, eu e o Sul não nos demos muito bem...

The fuckthesouth link is scary...where does all of these lead to? Isn't it as violent as the attitude which is critiziced? Is this civilized? Is it really necessary to say always everything you believe on so brutally? Young people would say yes, because being honest ( or .. they would say not being hypocrete is a value) makes you a better person and .. anyways I'm saying the truth. But .. what happends if the other one believes to say the truth and (s)he is , for example, a racist? This brutal way of talking leads to violence and it is not convenient.. after all we are all living in a small planet and NEED to get along, so let's be educated and behave as if we were civilized (this is part of the IF'sm theory of reality)... we already know what we think of each other.
In general I agree with you, but I think the so called Blue States need to become more activist in their agenda. This site is a joke but it reflects the current, very bitter, view point of many New Yorkers. They are the ones who get attacked from all sides: physically by terrorists, and verbally by the politicians in DC and the red states. In the US people are very vocal about how NY represents the liberal elite, it is out of touch with the rest of the US, etc, etc. But, hey, guess what, it's these guys who pay most of the tab of the US democracy, so give them a liitle respect! I think blue states can push for their agenda by starting to give less to the federal government and using more f the money for themselves! Most red states, on their own, would rank pretty low on any scale of economic or social development...

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