Retro vs. Metro

So, apart from cloning, it looks like John Sperling was right a few months ago when he framed the American divide as Metro/Retro in his book. What I like most about this book is the effort and money he put in collecting data.

But where do neocons fit in this Metro-Retro World? Most of them (mesmo os portugueses ;-) are in reality Metro, but certainly the neocon ascent to power is riding on Retro angst...

Neocon? You must be joking! If I am a neocon, this makes you a... what, a neosocialist? Give me a break, or I will contact Ms Condi Rice and say to her: "This guy is a subversive working on behalf of Castro!"
Dear MacGuffin! Castro's a low blow!! I actually lived for a while in the house of Fulgencio Batista in Cascais (he was dead already by then). Not a Castro fan for sure...
Now you, my friend, may not be a neocon, but you like or at least frequently defend them. In fact, you are one of those (few) guys who always makes me think twice about the neocons -- indeed, give them a chance and consider their point of view. But all that is going to change if you call me a neosocialist! ;-) I told you before, I am very liberal in the European sense for economic matters, and liberal in the U.S. sense for social matters: Fiscal and military responsibility coupled with maximum personal freedom.

Um grande abraco,
The thing is, I don’t quite understand what people are talking about when they refer to ‘neocons’. What the hell is a neocon? Is it a new approach to conservatism? How can people talk about neocons if they don’t have the slightest idea about conservatism? How can you call neoconservatism to a policy that has nothing to do with conservatism? At least some signs of conservatism should have been noticed, don’t you think? Just remember that Leo Strauss is often cited as the guru of the neocons. Leo Strauss?! Poor Mr Strauss! American pro-active and pre-emptive foreign policy has a lot more to do with, for instance, Carl Schmitt. So, my dear CyberL, don’t call me a neocon. You know damn well that classical conservatism, with a slice of classical liberalism, is my cup of tea.
Um grande abraço para ti!

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