Also Sprach das Ödland

I have been off this line, busy with research deadlines and teaching.

I have been listening a lot to Laibach in my drive to understand those voices from the desert. You know, the descendents of Zoroaster... I don't get them without some irony. The obssession with judgment, with good and evil, and clean-cut answers. These voices, like Laibach, puzzle me. I am strangely attracted and repulsed.

They must be the yin to my yang (or maybe the other way around). I was born 7 degrees south of the Equator. Raised always by the Atlantic (South and North). My home is water, warmth, the drum, the beat -- where life was born, where anything goes. Surely, anyone who has walked an equatorial beach must have felt that life belongs there?

I really don't get the desert and its sole voice. I don't get the unique answer, its necessary propensity for judging. As Albert Camus said: "No dogma survives contact with the Mediterranean". I would say no dogma survives contact with the Ocean. Leave it in the desert, please. At least there I can go hear its voice with morbid curiosity. Like the memory of my (short) days in Opus Dei schools....

I still find Thomas Aquinas to be my favorite philosopher though...Not as hardcore as Augustine, but hey, there is still hope for revelation, even as I happily hold on to reason and senses....

Volto já com resposta ao meu amigo contrário...


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