Prolonged Gratification Award: Charango

I am a big fan of half.com. When a CD, DVD, or book I get sucks, I recycle it there. I also have the longevity test. Once my CD collection passed 1000 (and I am not speaking about the Vinyl) I decided that if I see a CD in the collection that I really won't play anymore, it goes there. (of course there are other criteria that anyone who collects follows, so in some cases I may keep stuff I don't like...)

Then there are those CDs that I may not feel I want to play now, but will certainly play later. And those that I played so much that have to remain as part of my external brain.

But the best are those that whenever I spot them, I want to listen. Those that bring pleasure every time. Today I decided that Morcheeba's Charango gets a PGA (prolonged gratification award). I never tire of it. All of it. I like all of Morcheeba's previous output, but this is the best. It's now officially an old friend.


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