Blessed Exponentially

Praise be to Cosma Shalizi for digging this gem of faith-based science: I am not sure what observables define the vectors of the space where the eigenspace of Christ is calculated, but if God were an eigenvector, given the monotheistic axiom, wouldn't it have to be a spectrum of one eigenvalue?

Theomathematical insanity apart, I have to agree that the linear algebra devotionals are the best, though Zen is partial to exponential blessings. My friend Olmy will be happy to find out that these devotionals at least acknowledge that the value of Pi cannot be derived from biblical readings. In any case, Cosma did pass onto me the strong desire to read The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.

If you check Cosma's Blog, who is back in force, make sure to also read Dept. of "What Part of 'Do Justice and Love Mercy' Do You Not Understand?"


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