I've been digging you like an old soul record

No one exudes Soul Power these days quite like Me'Shell N'degéOcello. In the last decade or so she has been releasing amazing grooves filled with attitude and brain. Besides Prince, who else makes music this sensual? Her records are as if "what's going on" and "let's get it on" were mixed effortlessly into a whole. Listening to them, it's impossible not to want to get nasty and political at the same time -- even when you may not entirely agree with her politics.

Remember "If that's your boyfriend" (real video) and also take a look at a more recent Pocketbook (real video). I saw her live in Santa Fe, and it was amazing. Check her live performance on Jay Leno (real video), and her Jazz stint at Montreaux with the Spirit Music Sextet (real video).

Take a listen to the Jazzy Sexy Grooves of "I'm digging you like an old soul record" and "Nocturnal Sunshine", and much more.

I can only imagine what the love child of Prince and Me'Shell would be like -- A Soul Buddha? Zen doesn't get groovier than this, baby!

P.S. Unfortunately her last album (a Jazz one) has only been released in France.

It's been released in the U.S. too :)

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