the XXI century that was not supposed to be

So now even "science" museums in Jesusland refuse to screen movies where evolution, the true age of dinossaurs, or the big bang are referred. James Cameron, one of the movie directors in case, calls it a shift to "faith-based science" from empiricism. On a good day I call it the XXI century that was not supposed to be; other days I just call it ignorant bullshit.

Let us think what a real Jesusland country would be like on its own...We already know that the more Jesuslandish states in the US are the poorest, least productive states... That it is where divorce, drug-use, and alcoholism are more prevalent. What would an evangelical republic built on "faith-based science" look like? It would be fun to see the tech-no-logical society they would build from bible studies.

It is our fault, really. We scientists should lobby to have technology labeled with the theories used to produce it. I am sorry sir, but as a biblical literalist you can't use this computer -- technology developed in a heliocentric project. Nope, you can't take that medicine either -- produced with population genetics and evolutionary drug design. But you can try our faith-based medicine, it did wonders in the middle ages.

By the way: this is not an anti-religious rant. The majority of Christians, such as Catholics, renounce geocentrism, accept evolution, and the current theories of universal origins -- been there, done that.

I, for example, would ask these bible believers to use 3 as an approximation of pi . It'd be funny to see the resulting buildings, bridges...

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