I could not agree with Olmy more! This Spanish weapon sale to Venezuela that Zapatero went to seal is an absolute disgrace. Zapatero is proving to be capable of raising to the hypocritical heights of Olaf Palme -- another darling of the euro-left.

Chavez is a little dictator with a lot of oil money, bent on pushing the self-destruction of the Venezuelan social fabric to increase his own power. Lesson number 1 of little dictators is to generate hatred from the masses towards some racial group. His target is the European-looking people of Venezuela -- a country that never had a history of racial strife.

Moreover, he is funding all sorts of movements across South America to destabilize the region -- as if it needs that... Zapatero's move is telling. By getting so cozy, he runs the risk of antagonizing many other South American ex-colonies. But I guess Repsol speaks louder... So much righteousness about Oil and Wars, but in the end, everybody is after the same thing. It's gonna end, and you gotta have it!


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