Modernist subdeconstructive theory and constructivism

Modernist subdeconstructive theory and constructivism
Stefan M. d'Erlette
Department of Deconstruction, Carnegie-Mellon University
Helmut Sargeant
Department of Literature, Yale University

Expressions of dialectic
In the works of Smith, a predominant concept is the concept of capitalist culture. In Chasing Amy, Smith examines postdialectic theory; in Dogma, however, he analyses cultural presemanticist theory.

In a sense, several desublimations concerning the common ground between society and narrativity exist. The feminine/masculine distinction intrinsic to Smith's Chasing Amy is also evident in Dogma.

However, an abundance of discourses concerning Foucaultist power relations may be revealed. Derrida uses the term 'constructivism' to denote a self-fulfilling totality.

I just can't get enough of the postmodern paper generator.

This, of course, comes to mind after the following story:

"In a victory for pranksters at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a bunch of computer-generated gibberish masquerading as an academic paper has been accepted at a scientific conference." Full article at CNN News. Here is an abstract of a computer-generated paper with their engine:

Event-Driven, Semantic, Ambimorphic Modalities
Unified reliable theory have led to many compelling advances, including XML and Lamport clocks. After years of confirmed research into the Ethernet [2], we verify the exploration of kernels, which embodies the unproven principles of operating systems. In order to answer this question, we use probabilistic symmetries to verify that the acclaimed classical algorithm for the analysis of symmetric encryption is optimal.

You have to admit that the postmodern one is much more fun... Besides, the recent prank, while fun and deserving (self-respecting old-school cyberneticians such as myself do not go to that conference), is not completely fair since the paper was accepted only as a non-reviewed paper -- which is perfectly legit, however lame it may be.


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