Semiótica aleatoria

Neste novo Mundo pós-realidade, tenho-me andado a divertir com semiótica aleatoria. Para quem gosta de estar perdido na simbologia, aconselho o magnífico Seventh Sanctum. Aqui está o "trailer" da minha aventura sintactica:

The Lost Sutra Vortex of the Sisters of Rloliamo

In an empire of fear, in a time of demons and prophecy, seven prostitutes try to find a lost artifact.

Don't miss the legend of Romulus and Remus envisioned as a retro-futuristic erotic tale.

What if Nero was responsible for computers?

An epic about unavoidable destiny and man's need for freedom. The story is about a magician and a prince who is stalked by a sleazy elementalist. It takes place in a port on a shadowy world of forbidden magic. The story begins with someone getting drunk, climaxes with spying, and ends with a joke. The need to kill someone to stop a prophecy from coming true is an important part of the story.

The Lost Sutra Vortex of the Sisters of Rloliamo

Coming soon.


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