Sin City

After my Johnny Guitar inspired post below, it is truly hard to comment on Sin City. It is one of the most boring movies I have ever seen. It rivals Pasolini's Arabian Nights in the capacity to induce utter boredom. I may count in one hand the number of movies that almost made me walk out in the middle -- but this was certainly one of them.

It isn't the violence. It is the ritualistic enactment of violence. I am sure the use of cliches is supposed to transmit the sequential nature of comics -- just as Dick Tracy, an equally boring movie, did. But it just constraints the movie too much. It is perfectly linear, overly scripted, leaving no room for imagination whatsoever.

People like to put Rodriguez in the same bag as Tarrantino. But while Tarrantino uses violence galore in his movies, he is also a master of screenplay and timing (not to mention musical sore). Rodriguez, on the other hand, is never unexpected and never thrills.

The only redeeming feature of Sin City are the girls -- Jessica Alba, rrrrgggghhhauw!

That is perhaps the most accurate representation of The Homer Simpson Drool Sound(TM) I've ever read. Bravo!
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