Semi-metric Wormhole

Found him! As soon as I arrived in Lisbon and turned on the car radio, para a Rádio Oxigénio, claro, the bare-bones simplicity of Carl Craig rekindled my jet lagged neurotransmitters with his remix of "The Boys Doin' It" by Hugh Masekela -- featured in Verve Remixed 3 (listen to the exclusive verve remixed 3 snippets mix at download.com). What more could I have asked for? Family, beach, and Carl Craig on the radio. Ah, sim, uma meia de leite...

I am always closer to the America I love in Lisbon. I am a firm believer in the non-metricity of knowledge networks, but this is certainly true of cultural ones. Detroit is much closer to Lisbon than Bloomington. There is a semi-metric wormhole connecting the global urban landscape -- the city zen wormhole.

Então bom dia Lisboa!


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