It ain't over yet

OK, so I did not really come back since my previous post... Life's tough right now. But I do plan to come back in force after the submission deadline to the Alife X conference I am organizing is over. That will be next week.

Until then, dear friends of the Zen (thank you for the e-mails!), stay with the Eurythmics in their return to Disco! I've Got a Life. You can also watch the video. The song is a little bit how I feel these days...

I've got a life
though it refuses to shine
I've got a life it aint over
it aint over
I've got a way
it's the only thing that's mine
all im asking for is tenderness

be strong now baby
gotta be strong now baby
gotta be strong!

WB pal.
Hang in there. Life is beautiful in part due to its mix of pleasure and pain, but that's hard to remember in the midst of the latter.
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