So I have been preparing the soundtrack for my planned return to the Zen this week :-) Here is a 2 CD set I prepared during many trips across the Atlantic and long delays at Newark and Charles de Gaulle... It actually is a pretty accurate picture of the DJ set I played for my own birthday party back in October -- my wife threw a party for me where my present was to spin some records. The spell disk is the pre-party warm up, and the bound disk is the dance part.

Given all that has been going on in my life, the theme of the whole thing is better described as "bitter-sweet disco". But don't let the word fool you...Hey, city zen! Enjoy Spellbound!

Username: apollo
Password: thediscoking

(password available for a short time only for readers of the Zen)

feliz 2006, Luís, para si e todos os seus

uma grande beijoca e mil saudades
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