Shock the Monkey

So the Brits are not very far from the Americans on Evolution, umm? It would be great if this could humble, just a little bit, the European scientists who think this sort of thing can only happen over here. It has always been my suspicion that if Europeans polled their people as much as Americans do, we would find very similar attitudes. Even on questions such as death penalty -- if questions are posed in the same way.

It is after all essentially the same culture. It is only that the European elites are in greater denial about the rational foundations of their societies. OK, so in the US when I turn the TV on, I can easily stumble on the evangelical lunacy of Jack van Impe, but when in Portugal I can also easily stumble upon some straight-faced reporter from a Women's channel interviewing a "para-scientist" about the "energy fields" of higher-dimensional entities at play in the latest new-age "theory" of impending global consciousness evolution. In the end, everybody prefers Big Brother to David Attenborough.

P.S. BTW: Between the Satan-driven God of Van Impe & Co. and the utopian Gaian supra-consciousness of the followers of Kryon, I'd gladly choose the latter. Maybe it was too much time in Santa Fe, but having my chakras aligned by peace-loving, eco/cosmic/feminist masseurs is much more appealing than being raptured into heaven with Tim Lahaye and Jack Van Impe...

My inaugural address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead, after I have raptured out billions!

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