Kanye West seen outside my office!

I really love working summers at my little center hosted at the Gulbenkian Institute. As if the fantastic research surrounded by beautiful gardens was not enough, now the Gardens of the adjacent (Marques de Pombal) Palace are used for concerts. This week is the CoolJazzFest. They set up the dressing rooms just behind my offices, where the basketball hoop is. So, check this out, Kanye's posse was hanging outside my office all afternoon yesterday! (I wonder if they knew that the walls they were leaning on were the Malaria labs...) The man himself showed up only a few minutes before going on stage---he is shorter than I thought! Then, all I had to do was walk outside and check the concert from behind the stage. Kanye's the man, though the show was a bit lame with all the faux strings and everything (the "orchestra" were Portuguese stand ins).

Oh well, tonight is Diana Krall, so I am going to stalk the dressing room! No shame nor dignity here...

Too cool! Earlier this year, I listened to animator Bill Plympton talked about doing the animation for West's video, Heard 'em Say, when he was at the Salem Film Festival. His retelling of low-key, late middle aged cracker meeting and working with a hot rap/hip-hop producer/artist was quite amusing.

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