The almighty lawn

Everytime I return to Bloomington I realize how much I detest lawns! It was fun to be in London this summer for a while. All of their glorious parks were brown because that's where the summer lead them to---very eco-friendly!

Meantime, our lawn, from being away all summer is now a wonderful weed garden (I like the various shades of green), which has granted us almost universal hatred in our neighborhood, where lawn paranoia is an art form.

I am thinking of various alternatives:

1) Sell the house and buy a condo in town.
2) Make a Santa Fe style rock garden.
3) Go for an edible garden

Watch out for how this story unfolds.l In the meantime, watch this wonderful video from the Edible Estates site.

Want to really piss off the neighbors? Naturalize the lawn. Which is fancy words for just letting the damn thing go to hell.
Hey Amy! How's Portland? You're right; thank's for the word! Our lawn is very "naturalized"!
The Pacific Northwest is incredible. The people, the varied landscape... people have their places, and this one is certainly mine! Hope you are well now that you are back in B-town for a bit.

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