I must be loosing my edge

I am haunted by the LCD Soundsystem track with the same title as this post (video is above). Even the word "haunting" haunts me. Must be for having turned 40 so very recently. I was never one to like "haunting" music with ethereal voices and videos of little euro-utopian children hanging around holding hands as if in a British Airways promotional video. So what's the matter with me? I can't stop playing Katya Chilly's Ya Molodaya (mp3) (video below). This Ukrainian singer has invaded my soundsystem. Someone please tell me that there is some redeeming quality about her music: that it is the Pet Shop Boys meets Madredeus, for instance. Just don't tell me that this is another Enigma-type thing for a cheesy Luc Besson sci-fi flick, and therefore this is what being in the forties is all about...?


for me it's more (like) about... what the hell I've been doing, i.e., wasting my time on, all these years? and getting no answer.
Oh No! Midlife crisis! I have one every couple of weeks, but it has been like hat since I was at least 15...You know that!
Should I get a driver license and buy a red ferrari?
Of course! Hey, I just got a brand new red car! Can you believe it? I am so utterly domesticated and PC that I bought the Toyota Prius Hybrid. The technology is impressive at all levels, but I am still dreaming of a serious bimmer...

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