The November Express

It is a sad day when you realize that the president of the country you have been paying taxes to for more than 10 years has the power, on a whim, to lock you up, without recourse, in a concentration camp (yes, that is what Guantanamo is). When I moved here, I never thought I would see this country asymptotically approach the Turkey of the 1970's depicted in Midnight Express (see the Trailer). Let's hope come November it starts quickly deviating from its current unconstitutional downward trajectory.

Some people will say: well, at least you can still speak your mind out. Can I? I'd like to believe so. We shall see. I am very hopeful for a November change.

The essence of tyranny is not iron law. It is capricious law. (Christopher Hitchens)

Midnight express has a fantastic soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder. Chase it below.


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