The "he told you so" dude

On the way to Lisbon last week we sat next to Princeton Economist and NY Times columnist Paul Krugman. I can't tell you how happy we were with that. He was one of the few voices that clearly warned against all the follies that lead the US into the current mess on so many fronts. We of course thanked him for having served as a beacon of sanity when it was not easy at all to do it in the US media---he recently praised others who got it right, so we thought he deserved all the praise for his foresight too.

Krugman came to Lisbon for a reunion with colleagues who were in Portugal 30 years ago learning about Portugal's then new democracy, as well as its fling with the radical left in 1975/1976. He was very curious to see how the country has changed since then. Krugman is one of those guys I many times wish were wrong, but who is unfortunately right most of the time... Check a video of Krugman's appearance on the Colbert Report (don't you wish that Comedy Central had a more competent web interface?).


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