Wine, Tenure and shaking-bunda!

So my tenure letter arrived today! It was a long process, a lot of work, but largely uneventful. I have known about the positive result for quite a while now, but I was not able to say anything until it became official today. So I am officially a rat today, as they say.

And just by coincidence, the friend who is mostly responsible for getting me to Indiana (even though he is no longer here but in super-fab Edinburgh) sent me a link to this Wine & Cookies bunda-shaking mix by DJ People's Champion. Could have not arrived at a better time! Wine & Shaking Booty is what I plan for tonight, if only Bloomington had a good place to do that! Will be just me and my wife on our private basement disco. Thanks Andy! Hope to see you soon, hopefully at Lux in Lisbon during the summer?

Congratulations! It's karma, as my son would say (My name is Earl's influence)... you've been a good boy... so far.

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