Message to Maureen Dowd

You should really try to address the issues raised on the vanity fair piece about the hit job on Al Gore you participated in.

I'd rather have a lactating male U.S. president than the grotesque gangster in chief we have now. You owe us a much deeper and serious analysis of the incoming election. Your frivolous, "bush-monologues" are just not funny anymore. Not with the Euro at 1.42 to the dollar; not with all the money-grabbing; not with all the death. Indeed, your pieces on Gore, Dean, and Obama read now much more like insidious hit jobs. I hope that you at least get well paid for "selling the Bush".


Damn you, that picture is going to haunt my dreams. Whilst I enjoy a lot of gender bending, kinks and fetishes... that's just messed up!

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