Out of the hinterland

Still alive. Been almost for a half a year on sabbatical in Portugal. It has also been the craziest year of my life. Like the song says, "me, I go from one extreme to another". And so, very little has been posted here. But hey, I'm still alive.

Workwise, things have been fun. Found myself speaking at odd but interesting forums. One of them was a long interview I gave to one of the Portuguese TV networks (RTP2). I actually enjoyed it and thought the interviewer (José Fialho Gouveia) was quite good. I didn't expect to speak so much about religion, emotions, and society, but it was interesting to be away from my confort zone. Below is the youtube video (In Portuguese).


Otherwise, I am greatly enjoying the small place we got here: I am about 400 meters from the Atlantic Ocean! It has been quite special to walk or jog there everyday with the kids on bikes. I am also going back to surfing as my son will start lessons soon. I realize now why Portugal will always sustain any crisis: with this Ocean and this light, no one can stay gloomy for long.

On that note, here is my latest track list: new and old stuff added to or permanently stationed on my mp3 player. The general theme, I realize now, is best described by Sade's latest track: "I'm at the hinterland of my devotion but still alive". I feel I am coming out of the hinterland and it's about time! (Imeem was absorbed into MySpace Music, so I have ported my playlists there.) Enjoy!

Import_latest playlist by E-Trash


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