Walled Democracy

The Easter message of universal redemption got me thinking about the incoherence between our idea of universal democracy and the "peace" process in the Middle East. If white democratic state, Catholic democratic state, Christian democratic state, Muslim democratic state and the like are all anathema to our idea of inclusive, universal democracy, why isn't a Jewish democratic state also?

The White democratic state of south Africa of the 1970's was a democracy for whites as much as the land of Israel+Palestine is a democracy only for those granted the ultimately religious Jewish status. Democracy for those given a special racial or religious status is not coherent with the idea of a liberal, humanistic, universal democracy.

Time is not usually on the side of such regimes, unless they completely annihilate the repressed populations, as was the case of the Native-Americans in all of the Americas. Since that does not look like a possibility in that part of the World, much less a desirable outcome, the advancement of the "peace process" is urgent like many commentators have been expressing recently. Until now, it has only served as a huge Orwellian hoax.

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