You're Spring to me

In dedication to all mothers of the World, an excerpt from the beginning of Lucretius' ancient poem and the #SweetSound of the day is "Wild is the Wind". Don't you know, you're life itself.

Venus [...] per te quoniam genus omne animantum
concipitur visitque exortum lumina solis:
te, dea, te fugiunt venti, te nubila caeli
adventumque tuum, tibi suavis daedala tellus
summittit flores, tibi rident aequora ponti
placatumque nitet diffuso lumine caelum.

Translation by Martin Fergunson Smith:

Venus [...] To you every kind of living creature
owes its conception and first glimpse of the sun's light
You, goddess, at your coming hush the winds and scatter the clouds
for you the creative earth thrusts up fragrant flowers
for you the smooth stretches of the ocean smile,
and the sky, tranquil now, is flooded with effulgent light.

David Bowie- Wild is the wind (live)

Boticelli Venus and Lucretius

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