The Age of Aquarius

The most rewarding aspect of DJing on a friday night after spending the whole day in a long faculty meeting is to see how students, young people of all ages, and clubland at large have move beyond the 1970's wars that still dominate social interaction in academia. While not entirely there yet, clubkids are now essentially post-national, post-race, post-gender, post-sexual-identity, post-feminist; they are entirely humanist. All the summers of love have indeed brought an exciting millenial generation of aquarians, as we did not think possible. Of course academic education, like all encoded memory systems, will ensure the vertical inheritance of the cognitive categories (memes for you milennials) of 70's wars---after all, there is an entire cottage farm of such concepts sustaining PC academia. But mutation, and most of all the inexorable recombination from the evolutionary forces that drive culture---of which DJ Culture is the best metaphor---will reveal how archaic identity politics codes really are now. While academia continues to create every self-serving "identity" possible to encode unfair and unsustainable distinctions, Lana Del Rey sings and we dance the human continuum. Let them eat cake, they're jaded.

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