So here it is. I'm 50. Looking back, looking now, and looking forward the feeling is most of all of Joy. Of what I had, have and plan to work for. Not that life did not give me some lemmons, but if anything, what I am most proud of in these 50 years is to have turned them into lemonade---Beyonce is not the only one. When we left Angola as refugees, piled up on too few seats for people on the airlift, we had so much Joy when my brother managed (with a little help from me) to sneak in our tortoise. Lemonade never felt so good and it only got better from there. Obrigado.

So, to celebrate this Joy, the lovely wife (who also turned 50 this year) and I threw a big party in Lisbon, by the sea last month. It was so very wonderful to be with family and friends, all special to us at some point and now---despite a few dear friends who could not make it. During the night I DJed for them (in partnership with my cousin, the other rebel, rebel). We wanted to celebrate the Joy of these 50 years, so this is what this DJ set is all about. A Joyous Party. So here it is, Joy. It's live, errors and all. You can access it on E-Trash's site (Username: apollo, Password: feelingfree).

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