Word b

I have been decompressing from the semester that just finished. Slowly getting back to life, I guess. I found myself so numbed out that I don't even get truly upset when I read some nice guys defending that modern conservatives in the US are all about ideas. Everybody knows that the current presidency was won over well-thought-out ideas -- more like deep thoughts from SNL...

I am sure the neocons and their think tanks have wonderfully detailed ideas and plans for taking and keeping a hold on power, but that does not in the least translate into a debate of ideas. In fact, caro Henrique, what we get is all emotion and disinformation, all the time. I really wonder if my conservative friends in Portugal would be so proud of conservatives after watching a televised "debate" with Ann Coulter -- or some such loony-right person. Hearing the logic of the "ideas" of Coulter and Co. is like being thrown into a Monty Pythonesque cascade of syllogistic fallacies -- except that the bwitch gets away.

Oh well, I guess I am just one of those liberal academics -- except my political persuasion rides the Christian Democracy and Libertarianism eigenvectors... So, to cure my end of semester numbness I did a little mixing for your pleasure. If you are into it, check out my latest E-Trash collection: Word b.


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