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Back by popular demand, I am putting online the "Groovy Python Park" mix CD I made 6 or so years ago. I should warn that it contains loads of adult language as well as massive offensive content---but hey, the friends that keep asking me to put this up love this sort of thing. Listening to it again, after all these years, I realize that I actually like the tracks I made for background music on this mix---makes me long for the time I used to have time to make music, rather than just mix it!

Since I uploaded this CD, I uploaded more of the E-Trash mix CD back catalogue, as well as the soundtrack to my favorite music film of all time: "Urgh! A Music War". This is a soundtrack that is really hard to find, and which took me much of 2001/2002 to collect. It is a wonderful post-punk/new wave music film that made me go skinhead circa 1981.

In order to get to these you need the following info:

username: apollo
password: feelingfree

Klaus Nomi - Total Eclipse (From Urgh! A Music War)

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"Urgh! A Music War" sounds particularly interesting, especially since I enjoy Oingo Boingo, Wall of Voodoo, and XTC. I recently discovered a movie called Forbidden Zone. This was directed and produced by Richard Elfman. He's the older brother of Danny Elfman, from Oingo Boingo. Danny Elfman also stars and created music for this film. It's probably best described as avant-garde and worth at least one watch.

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