OK, my liberal friends may hate this but I have to get it out. For the last 8 years the Democratic National Committee and the liberal media have been pacifying the left with solidarity for bathroom choices, gay marriage, micro-aggression, Tim Hunt, and such issues, while doing all the wrong things for a truly liberal cause like excusing torture and surveillance (the only people prosecuted by the Obama administration in those cases were the whistle blowers), trade, banks, etc. So, to an extent, I understand when the Rust belt people took the FUKITAL pill. I don't mean to say that the causes above are not important, of course they are. But they do not address harder problems (many more) people are facing, from those losing jobs in the Rust Belt to those being bombed without any oversight in the middle east. Anhoni, the phenomenal transgender singer, said it best last May: "Did you all get the memo? This election cycle in the USA is not about ecocide, the dying oceans and the extermination of biodiversity, grotesque income disparity, corporate sovereignty and US war crimes that have played a big part in the destabilization and radicalization of the Middle East. No, it is about transgendered bathroom access!"



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