Funky Dance Floor on Fire and No Wall Spirits

We have been doing the Riot Bootique in Bloomington again since the Summer, including a transcontinental edition. They have been wonderful parties full of love with great people---the best antidote to the current political realities. The two sets from last Friday are here in the Funky Dancefloor on Fire---well, the first set plus a lot of the second set. I wanted it funky (given Bootsy Collins' recent visit to Bloomington), and it is. But it covers all the Riot Bootique bases: from Disco to House and Techno via Funk. Since I have been busy to post these through the winter, here is also an assembly of various sets during Fall 2017 and Winter 2018: No Walls Spirits, to celebrate The Riot and its people; all kinds, all colors, all types of love. DJ Angst and E-Trash, will return to our cybernetic DJing next month. Tracklists and podcasts below. Funky Dancefloor on Fire and No Walls Spirits are also available on E-Trash's site (Username: apollo, Password: feelingfree).

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