Relax, I'm Only Dancing

In the past six months or so, two albums never left my mp3 player: Curtis by Curtis Mayfield and Young Americans by David Bowie. The first is from 1970 and the second from 1975. Both are amazing albums from an amazing period---which resonates with the present times in so many ways. Musically, they show the path from Soul to Disco. But more than that, they show us how Disco was born from the cultural mashups of war and peace, of all racial and sexual colors, of hedonism and activism, of fear and hope, of rough times and glamour. The only thing pure about Disco was its urban identity, and in that, it was much more radical than Punk.

It is no surprise then, that the last few years have witnessed waves of disco revival: from disco-punk to activist soul. This last decade was certainly a throwback to the 1970's---from Vietnam to Nixon, we seem to be playing a very similar script. With all that in mind, I made a mix CD of related tracks from the past and present. This is a very dance-oriented, soulful mix that I made to convey the extreme mashup that Disco, as I see it, is: Relax, I'm Only Dancing. To download it, you need the following username/password combination:

username = apollo
password = feelingfree

Also, if you don't believe Bowie went all Philly/Disco go get the phenomenal Young Americans, especially the 2007 edition with video footage from the Dick Cavett show---see a clip blow as well as another one from the Dinah Shore show (don't you wish American mainstream TV were still this risque?). It was pretty wild to follow "Diamond Dogs" with this...

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